There are just too many to list, but here are a few.  Due to the large volume of work and satisfied customers, we periodically update this section to provide new comments, so stay tuned.

"We're blessed to have Gene as a part of the Wolverine program to provide us with the best photos in Palm Beach County."   Wellington High School Head Coach Tom Abel

"Thank you Gene, they are awesome pics, thanks for being so patient."  Colleen Oporto

"Gene is the best, no doubt."  Tim Khulman

"I love the pictures, and I love the senior banners displayed at the field. Awesome!"  Kelly Wiener

"I have seen your work and I brag about it all the time.  My daughter is not a senior, only a sophomore.  I will give you a call."  Donna Pearce

"I just placed my order, thank you and thanks for all the pictures you take throughout the year."  Mollie Hether Caroll

"Good morning Gene, I just wanted to let you know I have admired your work for a long time and you have been an inspiration to me.  Keep up the great work!"  Stacy Toney

"My name is Carlos Velazquez and I run the RugbyFl.com website.  Awesome pictures!  I would like to ask permission to be able to use some of your rugby pictures for my site, I am not able to pay but can give you photo credit.  Thanks and good job!"  Carlos Velazquez,  Rugby Florida

"Gene, thank you for creating the memories for Joey and Christine over the years, we love your work."  Diane Schergen

"Thanks Gene for all your help.  Sure going to miss all the great shots you take of Chris.  Any interest in following him to OVU? LOL!"  Susan Miller Englert

"Gene is the best in the business!"  Football Specials Coach Tony Bugeja.

"Any team looking to build up hype and excitement for the fall season needs to give Photos by Gene a call and have him do a photo shoot." Coach GC Kokell Jupiter Christian School football.

 "Best in the biz!!  Does great, professional work with a quick turn around time.  Kids loved it!"  Coach Billy Clark Park Vista High School Football.